Regional Alliance of Young Women is youth founded, youth led organiztaion which was set up based on legal equality between its volunteer members who have united on the basis of their common interests, does not aim to make a profit and divide the profit between its members. 

The main mission of the organization is involving young women in social development initiatives including their private business, homebusiness, handcrafts, etc supporting young women’s development initiatives targeting their social, cultural and professional development.

The following objectives are essential to reach our goal:

·           To educate young women aged 14 -30, especially from hard-to-reach parts of the region;

·           To support and develop young women’s initiatives such as project writing, management, private business, handcrafts, etc;

·           To reach the equality and understanding between femine and masculine;

·           To increase number of active women in all spheres of society;


The organization periodically conducts trainings, workshops for young women from all levels of education, especially focusing on rural parts of the region.