September 25, 2020


Youth Art Competition Announcement 

Drawing, Paintings and all other forms of art 

Under the theme of “Hands off my design” 

To tackle to promote creativity and motivating people to fight for a more equal society for women and free of violence


"Hands off my design" art competition aims to promote creativity and motivating people to fight for a more equal society for women. This is an opportunity to use art to think about the human rights violation that young women experience systematically. Through the art we would like to raise awareness of women equality, and their rights. Through art, we want to remind the society of the most deprived women who are forgotten and left behind and ensure that every last woman receive the opportunity to enjoy basic rights.

The competition will be conducted within the scope of the project " Equality on - Violence off! - Fighting gender inequality to beat violence against young women" implemented by Regional Alliance of Young Women and supported by European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe and Alert Fund for Youth.


· To promote creativity and motivating people to fight for a more equal society for women.

Applicant criteria

Any individual wishing to participate in teams of up to 3 people to submit one photo, painting, drawing or any form of art work related to the theme, “Hands off my design”. Applicants do not have to be affiliated with any schools, clubs, and/or associations.

Scope of art work

Photographs submitted will be related to any of the manifestations of violence (physical, psychological, sexual, economic, symbolic, etc), myths and misconceptions that contribute to maintaining the cycle of violence against young women, and resources to overcome it. However, these photographic projects will appeal to change and prevention of such acts of violence rather than help perpetuate them.

Judging Criteria 

1. Composition
2. Relevance to theme
3. Creativity

Selection Process

The Save the Children Photo Competition Committee will first select the notable artworks that best fits the criteria. From these, the committee will select the 12 top submissions, with special recognition for the first prize winner and 11 second-place entry awards.


- 2020 Calendar designed from best 12 competition projects indicating 365 women death to break the silence and bear witness to the high incidence of VAW.

Application Form

Application form download here, or send an inquiry to receive an application with instructions

Submission of Arts/painting/photo piece

Pieces could be submitted via e-mail or through posts at our Facebook page.

For more information, contact us via e mail