May 7, 2020


This time, our message is about the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic which is having devastating effects on many people and communities across the globe. As a result of this pandemic, many young people are dealing with very difficult circumstances – struggling with illness and healthcare systems that are overburdened and grappling with fear and anxiety. Young people experience unique risks and challenges in a pandemic related to transphobia, discrimination and economic marginalization, which is often exacerbated by racism, xenophobia, poverty, disability and other intersections. As this public health crisis deepens, we want to express our support and solidarity with youth movements and our allies across the globe.

Our work matters now more than ever, and we are deeply committed to supporting youth in their efforts to build our movements and promote rights, health and wellbeing. Despite the challenges that we are facing, this is also an opportunity for us to reach out and connect with each other and our communities.

On behalf of all of us at the RAYW, we send our best wishes for your health and security and stand in solidarity as you continue your crucial work. Stay safe.